Kaw Valley Precision - AR10 LR308 Tungsten Carbine Buffer 5.6oz

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Carbine style AR-10's typically have a severely over gassed cycle system. An over gassed system, paired with a light factory buffer, equals a recipe for pre-mature internal component destruction. Help protect valuable internal components, like triggers, by upgrading your AR-10 Carbine buffer to a KVP 5.6 oz AR-10 buffer.

NOTE: Due to tungsten weight variation actual buffer weight may vary slightly +/- 5%.


  • Use in AR-10 Carbine Rifle Systems
  • Slows the recoil action of AR-10's
  • 5.6-5.8oz (due to potential tungsten weight variation)
  • 2.5" OAL
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Heavy Tungsten Internals
  • Increases Reciprocating mass and weapon reliability
  • Reduces wear on critical internal parts
  • Reduces felt recoil
  • Designed only for Carbine Length Stock and pistol kits.